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Emotional Intelligence – Change Leadership – Appreciative Inquiry

Individual and Team Coaching, Virtual or In Person Facilitated Sessions or Workshops

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Leading with emotional intelligence sets you up for success! strengthening your ability to collaborate, coach your people, build effective teams, deal with conflict and manage during times of stress.


Appreciative Inquiry: Workshops, Planning, Coaching

Emotional Intelligence: EQi2.0 Assessment, Individual or Team Coaching, Workshop: Building Competence and Positive Impact through Emotional Intelligence

Change Management: Workshops, Planning, Coaching

Personal and Professional Development / Coaching: Individuals, Managers, Leaders, Teams or Organizations/Business/Community

Workshops / Learning Events: Intact Teams or Groups, Business/Organization or Community level

Customized Solutions… Reaching back to my experience in operational and leadership roles across multiple sectors, I design solutions that fit; solutions that are targeted to your needs and challenges.

Capacity Building Workshops … Success requires us to continually learn and adapt. My love of teaching and coaching will support you to learn and grow in ways that increase your well being and success.

Team Coach Approach… We are socially connected, learning best with those who share our concerns and challenges. Accelerate your learning by working with intact teams, cohorts or other like-minded individuals.

Research Backed Solutions… You can rely on relevant, well researched tools and resources to enrich and support the work we do together.

In Person or Virtual Our connections are changing. We can meet face to face or in a virtual world. Wherever we meet, we will strive to achieve effective and rewarding outcomes.

Emotional Intelligence builds a strong foundation for leading your best personal and professional life. Being emotionally intelligent is: to express your emotions constructively, respectfully and professionally, to build satisfying relationships, make effective decisions and approach challenge with flexibility, resolve and optimism.

Appreciative Inquiry is ‘to appreciate: to increase in value’ and ‘to inquire: to ask questions’. Appreciative Inquiry is a highly collaborative, strengths-based approach for personal and organizational planning, effectiveness and change.

Change Management is ‘inner’ work, requiring a focus on the ‘people side of change’. It is people who need to think or work differently to achieve the benefits of personal, business or organizational change.


I am committed to our conversations and shared learning. My strong belief in collaboration leads to the development of customized solutions that are focused on you and your success, right from the beginning.

I have 20+ years experience working with people, strengthening individuals and teams and supporting organizations to achieve their best. My education, continuous learning and a genuine interest in your goals and aspirations contribute to the outcomes we will achieve together.


Collaboration… our work together is a shared journey. We will build knowledge and relationship as I work to understand your challenges and support you to build the future you seek to create.  

Coaching… I will compel, challenge, nurture and support your learning into confident, competent practice.

Respect… Let’s value the contribution we each bring, creating comfort for shared discussion of problems, challenges and ways to improve.

Integrity… Our work together is based on the ethics of preparedness, accountability and follow through. Foundational to our work is a caring, supportive environment and balanced attention to the needs of individuals, teams and your business/organization.

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