“Virtual” Vulnerability

My first venture out to a larger audience, my debut, groan! A great example of the challenges and set backs we face navigating change and learning to thrive in today’s virtual world.

Just look at these great new skills I’m learning! I’m talking about stick with-it-ness, keep calm and carry on, call for help when you have a few split seconds and your hands quit shaking, be resilient… be resilient… be resilient.

All of a sudden, the content, the discussion, those great social connections via online squares was replaced (for reasons known only to technology) with: the angst of never before experienced error messages when attempting to sign in and start the session, a 1-800 message that connects you to a real live, helpful person ONLY WHEN you have your profile number which you can only get once you sign in (did I mention I could not sign in)!

My internal thoughts…gotta love those people who can just wing it, wish I was one of them… the only one who can fix this is me, oh no… multitasking is highly overrated… my session finally opened with scant minutes til start time… look at all those lovely faces of people who got to the meeting before the host!!… oh no, more of the same, the power point won’t open … please transport me to another place! Anywhere!!… now would be a great time for the power to go off across the whole province!

Well, I really got in touch with my vulnerability this week! And it was on display, in real time!

FORTUNATELY, the topic of discussion was empathy, so I could ask the group to send some my way! Thank you for looking with interest at the content, for holding great discussions, for sticking in there and participating despite a ‘rocky’ start, for trying to ‘chat’ me some helpful suggestions in the midst of the dilemma and for just being there. Your participation made for a great session!

With vulnerability comes learning and a time to refocus. My newly printed profile information is readily available; my rewritten affirmation on resiliency is posted securely on my desk; my perspective is adjusting back to real world problems; my self confidence is inching back and my sense of humour is still intact! Keep calm and carry on. I look forward to seeing you online!

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