Bees Share a Much Higher Collective Intelligence

As I participate in conversations of change with energetic, engaged people seeking to resolve complex issues, I am increasingly convinced that building the capacity for change is an inner game. A game that can only be won through collective intelligence.

“Bees may be organized by a much higher
collective intelligence yet they have no
option to change their pattern of organizing.
Humans, unlike any other species on earth,
can break the patterns of the past and create
new patterns”. Otto Sharmer

We humans have the option to shift that inner place from which we operate.

If we shift our intention to producing results that benefit everyone rather than preferentially for ourselves, our social group, our own business or organization, we open up to the possibility of give and take for the good of the whole.

If we can let go of certainty and resolve, even when we feel strongly about the outcome, conversations expand and we can explore a more equitable future.

If we can put ourselves in a ‘holding pattern’, slowing down or suspending judgement, we may notice that it’s the same old, same old. We repeatedly respond using old patterns. Patterns that are firmly established and reinforced by past experience and people just like us, our own echo chambers.

What if we look with fresh eyes and let go of patterns that may be reinforcing the status quo? We humans can shift, rethink and redevelop our capacity for complex change. To do so is a journey of self-awareness, a process of gathering in new circles and using our collective intelligence to create new patterns of organizing for a better future.

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