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Build capacity and confidence, achieve individual and team outcomes, plan for success and learn new ways to navigate today’s fast paced change.

Appreciative Inquiry

  • Lean into your strengths
  • Break down barriers
  • Build a future powered by shared purpose, energy and aspiration

Appreciative Inquiry is an positive, energizing and inclusive planning process, designed collaboratively, with you, the client. Appreciative Inquiry can help you solve problems, bridge differences, manage change and articulate and implement strategy.

Emotional Intelligence

  • Get in touch with your own drive and motivation
  • Build flourishing relationships/teams
  • Contribute in life/work/community

Emotional Intelligence “is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenge and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way”

MHS, Multi Health Systems

Change Leadership

  • Adapt to new situations and challenges
  • Realize your goals through the commitment and drive of your people

Leading successful change is focused on the ‘people’ side of change. The best strategy, performance management system or project plan, while foundational to implementing change, will not deliver without leading and engaging your people.

Appreciative Inquiry :

“Appreciative Inquiry is a highly flexible process for engaging people to build the kind of organization and world they want to live and work in”

Jane Magruder Watkins and Bernard Mohr, co-authors Appreciative Inquiry Change at the Speed of Imagination

From paired interviews, to team, organization wide or community involvement, together you will design your best future. Appreciative interviews are designed to identify the strengths that everyone has to offer, the value of past successes and the significant, impactful changes needed to realize your best future.

Commitment, resolve and the energy for change is realized through: appreciative, solution seeking interviews, meaningful discussion/recording of interview results and focused attention to the actions required to embed these ‘bests’ into the current and future environment.

I provide,

Support for the development and implementation of positive change through Appreciative Inquiry to address:

  • Team Performance  
  • Strategic to Operational Planning
  • Change Management

New [challenges], “dreams and aspirations may have outgrown our structures and our systems”.

David Cooperrider Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University

Emotional Intelligence:

… is a different kind of intelligence. It encompasses our ability to understand and manage emotional encounters, to cope well in stressful situations and deal effectively with prolonged stress, to foster meaningful and effective relationships and to be more socially aware and competent.

Guided by the MHS, Multi Health Systems, EQi2.0, emotional intelligence assessment, we will explore the personal, workplace or leadership impact of emotional intelligence in relation to the following skill areas: Self Perception, Self Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making and Stress Management.

I provide:

  • Individual Assessment (EQi 2.0 Self or 360 assessment) and Coaching
  • Team, Cohort or Group Workshop and Coaching
    • EQi 2.0 Self or 360 assessment
    • In person or virtual interactive Workshop: Building Competence and Positive Impact through Emotional Intelligence

Change Leadership:

Learn new ways to lead through change and uncertainty. Lead with a mindset that is open to new information, realistic and aware, ambitious and ready for growth.

Jeannette Aschenbrenner, Leading in Uncertain Times.

Realizing the benefits of change starts with engaging and supporting your people. Change management is about people: their motivation, participation and the energy and enthusiasm it takes to thrive in the new environment.

Prosci, a research based, global leader in the development of effective change management tools and resources, teaches that ‘organizations don’t change, people do’. Guided by Prosci change factors, informed by the psychology and neuroscience of change, I can support you to design and implement change strategy and action that will equip your people to understand and manage the personal impact of change, the skills to manage and lead others through change and to achieve results in projects or at the organizational/business level.

I provide:

  • Awareness and skill development for the people side of change
  • Support and coaching for Managers / Leaders to work with their people to adapt to and create their best future
  • Support for the development of Change Leadership Plans: team, organization and /or business level  



Appreciative Inquiry Team Workshop:

Strategic Planning and Collaboration

“Despite people feeling apprehensive and with difficult issues to discuss, the outcome and the experience was very positive. Jeannette was well-prepared, conversations were constructive and relevant and everyone willingly participated. I loved how Jeannette gently led us to put in writing what most of us were feeling but weren’t comfortable saying before. I believe the workshop was very uplifting to our team when we needed a boost. The process led to a solid direction and focus for the team and created a much more open and positive environment.”

 Executive, Kelowna Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Paddling Team

“For the past 4 years, Jeannette has facilitated the core module on Emotional Intelligence in our institution’s leadership development program. She tailors these modules to meet the unique needs of each cohort. She endeavors to design a workshop that not only engages the participants but also provides them with practical tools to apply EQi constructs. In all workshops, she displays a respect for the experience in the group. Her authenticity and empathy are apparent as she builds relationships with her groups. These skills and characteristics have made her an invaluable contributor to the success of our institution’s leadership program”.

Sue Mitten, Learning and Development Advisor, Human Resources, University of Regina.

Management Planning and Review – Saskatchewan 2015 Wildfire Season

“Jeannette’s superpower is her ability to connect with people, including her clients and her colleagues. Combined with her many years of experience and training, she is the full package. It’s so refreshing to work with such a professional, positive person. I believe that you get what you are aligned to get, and the complex ‘lessons learned project’ we managed together was a huge success because she brought these attributes, knew how to apply the correct tools, and how to manage the relationships amongst the large group (125 people) we managed through the project.”

Rhonda Michaels
Director, Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency
Government of Saskatchewan